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In partnership, we help you identify and discover the possibilities for your leadership. 
We encourage leaders to give themselves permission to make inspired decisions. Activating your path to leadership requires you to challenge conventional practices and commit to creative approaches. 


In partnership, we ask the right questions to assess your challenges and identify the tools needed to adopt an ongoing practice of improvement. Together we work out a roadmap, and help you discover the possibilities that may have seemed hidden or obscured. 


To set you in motion, we coach you through your new practice and hold you accountable for your vision. 

Motivating you through thoughtful questions and coaching we offer a way to see what's inside you is at the heart of Launch Consulting. We will help you hold the vision that you may not be able to see for yourself. 

This is what we call care in action.

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We invite a discovery practice into our way of working together as it serves as a foundation for growth in any project or individual. 


We specialize in creating dynamic organizations headed by leaders who care deeply about envisioning and building equitable workplace cultures, policies, and practices. 


With a lens of racial equity learning, we offer:

Thought Partnership

Racial Equity Learning

Leadership Coaching 


Culture Repair

Culture Assessment & Coaching

Concept Design & Implementation

Strategic Visioning 

Meeting Planning and Facilitation

Making Notes

Our Process

Discover New Ways of Leading

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To maximize the impact of our work with you, we follow a simple discovery process that incorporates our Five P’s of Partnership. 


We identify and find clarity together about the purpose of your work.


We assess your readiness for the rigor of our partnership.


We develop mutual commitments and processes based on your identified purpose.


We provide implementation support, reflection and feedback.


We offer skill building and accountability measures toward living out your defined purpose.

What Our Clients Say

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